Pumpkin pies

I am packing boxes and still finding time to try stuff out… Knowing that I am only ever motivated by food, there is nothing like a reward for one or two boxes packed: “I can only eat pie when this box is taped”. Efficient? Most definitely! I tried a peanut butter glazed pumpkin pie first … More Pumpkin pies

Saturday Goodness

After the disaster texture from my tofu desert last week (it tasted amazing but did not hold its shape so I have some work to do to make it cheesecake-like, more trials expected in a few days), this morning I decided to buy some vegan chocolates. The best place for this is Chocolatiers Coco in … More Saturday Goodness

Tofu dessert

Hello, just tried experimenting with creamed tofu (did not have cashews on hand and can’t come out as I am ill)… lemon and raspberry… I hope it tastes as nice as it sounds! Still got to work out the finishing touches and see what it looks like when it comes out of the fridge later. … More Tofu dessert


After a lot of thinking, hmmmmming and arrrrrring, I have decided to start a little blog, with the aim to keep track of all my recipe trials and successes (hopefully). Let’s get something straight… I love food. And Baking. And trying out new recipes. And visiting countries where I can try new foods. BUT (this … More Newbie