Insect Bite on chop/ Morsure d’insecte sur la babine


Sorry for the quality of the photos, but taking a picture of a dog who does not like the camera is not easy… You can still see the bite on her chop (purple stain at the highest part). The whole chop swole up and her neck on the same side blew up too.  The vet was pretty sure it was not an ingrowing hair as there was yucky muck coming out of it (hence infection) and so, the treatment was: 3 injections (morphine, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics) + 1 week of strong antibiotics.

If your bully gets beaten too, be aware that it is really painful for them, very sensitive (hence difficulty in eating). She was really uncomfortable, could not sleep (whined all night) and it took the week to heal up.

The first day was full on drool (thick off white substance) – which is good by the way as it means the body is clearing out the germs) and it started swelling down on the second day.

You will need to provide lots of water, what I mean is getting fresh water available after every time she drinks from her bowl since the water will be polluted by infected slime.


A week on, she is back to normal 🙂

Morality is: be aware where one put ones muzzle!