Oilatum – Natural repair face cream + Bodyshop Eye Cube (vegan beauty)

Hello all,

In my search of the perfect cream for my dry & dehydrate / sensitive skin, I have moved on to Oilatum (available here).

This is a lovely light cream that is easily absorbed and seems to nourish my skin, leaving it supple and hydrated.

This has been my go-to cream since the autumn has arrived. In super cold weather, I apply one layer, leave it to soak before applying a second coat. It seems to work wonders over night, my face does not scream in the morning!

Considering you can this in Boots and the fact that it is pretty inexpensive, I am super pleased to be recommanding this for dry skin. It is a natural / vegan

I use the Bodyshop Eye Cube as my skin around the eye has been super sensitive and  wrinkles are appearing (dehydration making it worse).


I keep it in the fridge so when you put it on, it glides cool freshness. It is moisturising (woohoo), diminishes my dark circles (apply a nice coat before going to bed and again in the morning once Oilatum has been absorbed), and this magical cube contains cruelty-free ingredients: vitamin E, wheatgerm oil and Community Trade soya oil from Brazil…

Hoping that this might help dry skin suffers to find happiness in the natural world!