A new vegan restaurant in Paris – Le Veganovore -> CLOSED DOWN

Hello everyone,

Today is a great day, I was on a work mission in Rue du Paradis, when I have discovered a marvelous little vegan food place in Paris: one hot meal, one cold, a couple of starters and a couple of desserts… seriously yummy. The owner has only been opened a month so I am excited to have discovered it before it is super crowded!

I had the hot dish (sorry no pic, it is in my stomach) of curried rice, carrot mash, purple cauliflower, green cabbage and lentils – topped with a bit of mash and herby vinaigrette. YUMMMMM

SweetPopMousse The sweet potato mousse is so light and fresh (has got a hint of lime in) and so delicious. Comes with a crumble topping.

Honestly, if you visit the town, make a stop at Metro Poissionniere, take the exit “Faubourg Poissonniere”, turn down the first road on the left, and walk till you get to the second street on your left “Rue du Paradis”…. cross the road and within a minute you will be there.


I have run out of mousse and wish I had bought a second one…. so trust me, you must go there!