Tarte au sucre


Here is my litte trial of a traditional pie from Northern France… special request made me try something new. I obviously had to make several changes to the recipe so it was free of cow, but it worked out really nice and less sweet than I imagine (I could picture myself with teeth falling off when I heard the name).




So you need to make the pastry for the base first. You will need:


1 sachet of “levure de boulanger”


1 tablespoon of sugar

and 1 egg.

Whisk and allow to rise for 50 mins, then roll out the pastry and top with 125g of brown sugar. Yes you are putting the sugar on without mixing.

Then you need to add 3 eggs mixed with 100ml soya cream very carefully so the sugar stays as an under layer.

Bake at 180° degrees C for 25 minutes or until the top browns.

Please remember to cool it first as the caramel top will be super/boiling hot.

Cooling it also means the caramel will crispen a little.

Perfect with a cup of black coffee or a nice cuppa. Bon appetit!