Cherry Choc Bites


There is nothing like a little snack to go with a cuppa… so…. as my friend is gluten intolerant, I made a gluten-free treat.

I mixed 100 gr of soya margarine with about 50 gr of sugar (you can add more of course if you like your biscuits sweet… I like mine with just a hint of sugar so that it does not feel like my teeth are going to fall out) and creamed these 2 until the marg was soft.

Added one egg and about 160gr of maize flour, folded these in before I added some chocolate chips (just threw half a pack of dark choc chips in) and about 8 glacee cherries cut in quarters.

Do not overwork the dough as it can become too tough and you will end up with very dry biccies.

I dropped them in little heaps (dosage done with 2 teaspoons, one to collect dough, the other to drop the mix on the parchment paper) and put them in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for about 10-12 minutes or until the bottom edges went a little golden.

Put the kettle on and whilst that boils, you can put the bites on a cooling tray.

Enjoy your snack!

PS: the only reason I did not add vanilla to this as I have run out lol, so you are welcome to add some if you do have a stash!


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