Vegan cauliflower pizza

Decided to make my healthy dinner early so it is ready for me to eat later (lol) just in case I get lazy and could not be bothered to cook later…. so here is what I did.

Oven on at 180 degrees.

I parboiled a cauliflower with a little salt and in another pan, I cooked a box of mushrooms, half a green pepper and half an onion in coconut oil. Image

To make the base of the pizza, I used the cauliflower that I put in the blender with some rapesesed oil, pepper, a teaspoon of sage and a teaspoon of thyme till shredded.

I spread the mixture on a baking sheet, I added some sundried tomato paste (half a tube) and 1/3 tube of normal tomato paste (to form the tomato base).


On top of this, I added the cooked vegetables and cut half of a courgette in small pieces and spread it on top.


Take out of the oven when the courgette is cooked.


Smells delicious!

I cut a few basil leaves to garnish and tah-dah! Dinner is ready and it’s made me hungry… bon appetit 🙂


You can add grated cheese on top and you could even sprinkle chargrilled chicken/bacon pieces before putting in the oven to bake.


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