After a lot of thinking, hmmmmming and arrrrrring, I have decided to start a little blog, with the aim to keep track of all my recipe trials and successes (hopefully).

Let’s get something straight… I love food. And Baking. And trying out new recipes. And visiting countries where I can try new foods. BUT (this is in capital letters for a very good reason) I cannot eat anything that is cow related. I love the animal, but sadly, my insides do not agree. Be it beef, milk, butter, additives in food, milk protein, whey powder…. you name it, it will make me feel ill. So my recipes tend to be alternatives.

I am not following a particular diet, just adapted the way I eat so I can enjoy nearly everything else. It is about finding the right balance for you and being healthy is definitely crucial!

So hopefully, this will be of some interest to you all… if anything, you can try my mis-trials and turn them into successes 😉


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